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editing services

Erica's speciality is developmental editing.

Her holistic and simple feedback style will appeal to her fellow ADHD authors but 

NO FORMAL DIAGNOSIS NEEDED. Editorial services are customized based on a mutual understanding of your publishing goals, your project's needs, and your budget.

Publishing Consult

This virtual call is a quick and dirty way to jump start your next step to publication

Critique Partner Read

Publishing Consult


1 round of in-document feedback

Developmental Editing

A deeper dive into what works, what doesn't, and how to take your project to the next step to your goal.

Curious if Dork Witchery Editorial is a fit for your writing project and budget?


All About Your Project:

My Project is
My Project's Age Category is:
The genre(s) of my project is/are:
This project's current status is:
This project needs:

Thanks for telling me about your project!

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